Everyday Saints and Other Stories

Everyday Saints and Other Stories

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Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov)

504 pages, illustrated

The popular bestseller by Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov).

Millions of copies of this book have sold in Russia. Everyday Saints and Other Stories is the English translation of a work that has soared at the top of the bestseller lists in Russia since its publication in late 2011. Its readership spans philosophical boundaries, from the devoutly religious to the vehemently atheist.

Discover a wondrous, enigmatic, remarkably beautiful, yet absolutely real world. Peer into the mysterious Russian soul, where happiness reigns no matter what life may bring.

Page upon page of thanks, praise, and testimonies to the life-changing effect of these bright, good-hearted, and poignant tales have flooded the Russian media. This book has been the cause of many sleepless but happy nights: “I couldn’t put it down—was sorry when it ended” is the common reaction.
The book is already appearing in ten different languages. This English translation, Everyday Saints, is every bit as charming as the original.

For more information see the Everyday Saints Website.

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